Official Android 10 Update: New Features!

The OFFICIAL Android 10 Update is here for Google Pixel phones! Android 10 has new gesture navigation, a DARK mode, and more! Subscribe for more:

Google Pixel 3 XL Revisited: coming soon
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39 thoughts on “Official Android 10 Update: New Features!”

  1. Weren't contextual suggestions already a thing? If someone sends me an address or something , maps pops up …or if they mention a restaurant, the restaurant's menu may come up etc

  2. It is lamentable Windows stopped its phone production. Smart reply and dark theme are native features of Windows phones from time immemorial. Android is shamelessly priding in what Windows phones ate and vomited many years ago.

  3. So I have a Note 10+ with Android 9 and it already has the Dark mode toggle and Digital well-being. Were those features already in Android 9 or is Samsung just ahead of the curve here and Android is just incorporating some nice features from Samsung into the core OS?

  4. Does this new version of android or any version of android have that feature where u can turn on data for specific apps like on the iphone cause when u want to listen to spotify but not want waste data playing a game simultaneously its very annoying

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