Oculus Go vs Samsung Gear VR

Here is our comparison between the $200 Oculus Go vs the $90 Samsung Gear VR.

More info on the Oculus Go:

More info on the Samsung Gear VR

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24 thoughts on “Oculus Go vs Samsung Gear VR”

  1. Só i have one situations that i need help: Oculus Go x gear VR powered by Galaxy s7, them i come to ask: s7 has 2560x1440p, so do you think i Will get same experience on both? Because for me its more cheap a little like 5-10$ get gear VR and I can use 200gb SD Card to more vídeos and games, on other side Oculus Go is ALL packed in one but i cannot use extra SD Card and to import It can be a little more expensive or no, also It Will take much longer than Oculus Go to come, and other point is: gear VR has iPd adjudtment, my iPd is 6.7 and Oculus Go dont have. But Oculus Go is New tech and has more games that gear VR dont have. Also i would like to know If Oculus Go vídeos can be runned easily on gear VR If i use s7 ofcourse
    Thank you for ALL the help, i want a VR to entertaiment and later this year use on my PC with vridge when i get a Better GPU.

  2. FYI: The Gear VR is also compatible with Samsung's S10 Plus phone. The company was forward-thinking when it included the size adapter as part of the package👍👍👍

  3. you didn't compare the oculus go and gear vr regarding gaming experience. you compared the go to pc headsets…. would love to know what you think of the processing power between the go and the gear vr… I find the oculus go to run much slower than my note 8(GearVR).

  4. The gear VR has 2960*1440 and that is 1480*1440 per eye at max with OLED, camera pass through. compare to the oculus go, the only downside is the 60hz refresh rate which is not a problem since you dont move fast in VR.

  5. I want to get this so bad.. but I’m afraid Samsung is going to come out of no.. where… and create an immaculate VR stand alone that will blow up the charts.. cause ya know Samsung is notorious for that. Can’t decide what to do…☹️. Help…

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