** NOW $179 Samsung Galaxy S8 Boost Mobile Unboxing

Ahh! A brand New Phone To look Over For Boost Mobile and Its the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is an Unboxing Video For Boost Mobile Phone.

Today I will be showing you the Samsung S8 Specs and Features About this Smartphone From Boost Mobile / Sprint Cdma.

Is the phone is worth getting? at the end of the video i explain why its a good investment and also a bad investment.

Thank you for watching !!!

23 thoughts on “** NOW $179 Samsung Galaxy S8 Boost Mobile Unboxing”

  1. My G s8 is kool. Only thing Im dissatisfied with in the stock messenger app. When I take a great quality 20 second video & try to share it. It looks like garbage. I have to use Hangout or WhatsApp

  2. On Black Friday they had this phone for only 499 on their website and in-store as well that's where I bought it at it's a pretty good phone a step up from the S7 that I have because of the bigger display and the faster processor

  3. After seeing Apples keynote when they showed the iPhone X I was really disappointed. Gonna get a S8 now and I've always had iphones. Especially as the Google Pixel won't have the headphone jack either.

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