NOTE FAN Reacts to the Galaxy NOTE 10 LEAKS – Some BAD NEWS!

I will tell you what I think about some of the Leaks on the new Samsung galaxy note 10.

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21 thoughts on “NOTE FAN Reacts to the Galaxy NOTE 10 LEAKS – Some BAD NEWS!”

  1. First time watching… I love your accent. Where is it from?

    I have the Note9 and love the headphone jack, even tho I mostly use my wireless headphones. I like using the wired option especially when I'm traveling. Not sure I'll upgrade, but it's likely that I will. Thanks for your review!

  2. The reason Samsung will not include the 45 watt charger as standard equipment is: 1, they are forcing you to spend even more money for it so your total new phone price goes through the stratosphere…or 2, they dont want as many exploding battery incidents.

  3. I prefer having one Note model so I don't have to make yet another decision once I've decided to buy a Note. My plan is still to buy a Note 9 when the price drops. I like an audio jack. My Samsung S5e doesn't have an audio jack but it came with an adapter that you plug into the usb port so I still have an audio jack option. My tablet has bixby but I haven't taken the time to find out what it is so I've never used it. Should I?

  4. Having two models is actually good. The galaxy note 10 plus will probably be around the same size as the a70- found it slightly too large. The note 10 is the one I'm looking for- hopefully around the same size as the note FE and hopefully also has a memory card. I've saved up for this.

  5. Thanks for watching and make sure to let us know how are you feeling about the Note 10. Didn't mean to make this video too long .. let me make it up for you
    @0:30 – Cameras 🙂

    @1:00 – Two Notes? :0

    @3:05 – Ultra sonic fingerprint sensor 🙂

    @4:00 – No More Audio Jack 🙁

    @4:32 – Faster Charging 🙂

    @5:37 – No more Bixby button 🙂

  6. Note 10e? Would be nice for me because it will be smaller (if it is real) and i dont have to spend so much more for (for me) useless functions. I dont know why you dont catch up to this thing with the e versions, but you couvered the pro versions

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