Note 9 Review: After The Hype | Still the Best?

In this video, I conduct a full comprehensive review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I focus on what it is like using the Note 9 on a daily basis as a daily driver, and I try to review it in the context of all of the other great phone releases this year like the OnePlus 6T, iPhone XS Max, and Pixel 3 XL. I go over the software, the speed, battery life, camera, and display. I also answer the tough question of whether or not the phone is worth it despite its steep $1000 price point.


50 thoughts on “Note 9 Review: After The Hype | Still the Best?”

  1. It's been a while since I've done a full review! Let me know what you think of this one. I have an AskMTG Q&A video so ask me any tech/MIT questions down below! I have lots of videos planned involving the OnePlus 6T, and I also plan on releasing another "Day in the Life of an MIT Student" video this month! These are very exciting times… Thanks for coming along this journey with me.

  2. I never had the Samsung lag. I have my Galaxy S7 right now, bought it day one, still no lag. My guess is due to me going into dev options and altering things. The other reason is because I don't keep useless crap on my phone. I have probably a thousand pictures on my phone, probably 50 odd apps, and I anything I can put onto the expandable storage I have in my phone, I will. I prefer Samsung's UI. I DON'T LIKE Android 9. Hope Samsung's ONE UI with Android 9 makes it look and feel great, and not feel like iOS.

  3. Not the fastest I mean who cares? In those speed comparisons it is really 0.5 seconds difference…. maybe in heavier apps the time is more but who cares really those couple seconds.

  4. So far a great phone, coming from note 8, my expectations was high, and the phone delivered. Unfortunately because of a nasty fall my s pen broke in half even though the phone was insides samsung very own protective case.

  5. How does the speakers sound on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when it comes to gaming on it? Other then Spotify where esle can I buy music for my phone and how would I buy the music exactly? In your opinion which phone would the best phone for me to get right now would it be the OnePlus 6T,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR,or would it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and why?

  6. So the S-Pen isn't so standing out for you? Where else have you seen a phone with an S-Pen before? The only thing that dosen't stand out is your channel and your views, isheep.

  7. He used the word "options". It can do what any other phone can do and better in some cases. Since its release there hasn't been anything that beats its "options"…. Note 9 lacks no feature apart from pointless reverse wireless charging. Its not for everyone though, it's not a luxury product like an iPhone.

  8. I am a heavy user for business purposes. Email, phone calls and WhatsApp and some camera.. Can I get a full days power with this phone. Also I heard it discharges power very fast on idle time ( at night) . Is it true. Right now I am using the Lenovo P2 because battery is a big concern for me.

  9. In my opinion samsung is not overpricing at all in fact i think that with all of the gadgets and features they could give the note 9 a higher price but samsung really listens to it's customers not like apple

  10. I have the Note 9 and Pixel 3 XL. I think the Note 9 is the best, all round phone you can get. Add the Galaxy Watch and companion devices like Tab S4, dual charging pad and Gear 360 and it feels like a great experience. My struggle is that I am a huge camera freak and the Pixel 3 XL does stomp all over the already capable Note 9 Camera. The Note 9 camera has caused me more frustration that I thought it would. The Pixel 3 XL's camera experience has been superior. So it is a tough call…I've been on the edge over and over about returning to the Note 9 but can't let go of the camera.

    The Note 9 truly is worth the cost for what you get, but in that price range, you can't go wrong with the other options out there.

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