Note 9 Edge Lighting Notifications

This video will teach you how to use Edge Lighting for you Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This feature also works with the S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+ and even S7 edge!

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29 thoughts on “Note 9 Edge Lighting Notifications”

  1. I'm getting a lot of questions on why this is not working when the screen is off on some apps. I still have not found a solution. Some apps like Gmail can he added in the notifications settings by allowing for Urgent and Pop-Up messages.

  2. I have a question, nowadays in a Note 9 with One UI I still can configure rejecting a call by placing my finger over the heart rate monitor? I've been looking that function and I don't find it… Please help…

  3. Samsung Galaxy S9 plus how do I know it's fully charged I know it's charged to 100% I like to have like a blinking light that means it's fully charged and I know that I need to unplug it from the wall please let me know I waited until it reaches 100% And I wait for a couple minutes I thought maybe you would make like a green light that means I can unplug it or make some noise or something because when I charge the phone and I have to press the button on my on my on my phone to see how much percent is fully charged

  4. on my samsung galaxy s9 plus when connecting fast charging adapter to the wall how to have that small red led light to turn to green there when your phone is fully charged up please let me know soon as possible

  5. This is great! Thanks, Brett, I just ordered the Samsung 9. I'm perplexed why phones are now eliminating all notification LEDs? The 10 does not have a light, so I must pickup the phone, go to the App and see if there are any messages. While some people don't see this as a bother, but I don't use my phone constantly and it's nice to have a small visual light to notify if there are messages.

    I'm a bit bummed…am I the only person who really needs a notification LED?

  6. Why do i get an error when I go to Edge Lighting+ Download Link
    Google Drive
    We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.

  7. Thanks for this video. It answered and confirmed all my questions and findings. Seems to me that edge lighting is mostly a useless gimmick. Regards.

  8. Brett Barry shulman I have the note 9 since this ui pie which ruined some apps like clock style you cannot go into clock style and take the clock off lock screen and texting since the ui pie started to change alot of things . My question is when I get a call now I the flashlight comes on .Barry shulman.

  9. Does the edge lightning work for messages like WhatsApp when the note 9 is on the display? Because mine doesn't when the sensor isn't getting enough light and I think its broke 🙁

  10. Real quick I need to know about the difference between the internal hard drive ? On the note9 I have the choice between the 128GB & 512GB. I was told the bigger the internal space the faster it performs? How does this effect note9? For the 512GB is a $250 price difference. Help me make this decision pleaseeeee

  11. Can u help me, my notification apps doesn't indicate at the panel icon. Even my apps also did not show if i receive any messages or notification. Only whatsapp can. Others app none at all. Especially my FB, messages & gmail. How to set up?

  12. Have you tried to check the notifs from Instagram, twitter and facebook if the edge lighting is working when the screen is off? Because in my case it's only working if the screen is ON. Please help thank you!

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