Note 10+ (Problems and Best Features after 2 Weeks of Daily Use)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has impressive specs, but what is it like to use on a daily basis?  In this video, I share with you my experience after using this phone for two weeks.

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Disclaimer: Although this video sounds like a negative review of this new phone, please understand that these are just the subtle issues I noticed over the past two weeks.   This is an incredible phone in many aspects, and this video is intended to keep the…

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  1. FYI if no one mentioned this. You can add the soft key edge panel to the device in the Samsung stores. This allows you to take a screenshot by simply tapping the capture button.

  2. I think it's a lot easier to do the screen shot. Lots of times I didn't hit them exactly the same on opposite sides. Haven't missed a shot yet with the 10 plus.

    Only downside for me is the fingerprint scanner is useless with a screen protector. Also like the placement of it on the back like the note 9. Super easy to reach, it was placed right where my finger would go anyway.

    Also liked that you could scroll down with the scanner when it was on the back.

  3. 2 major drawbacks for me:
    1. No headphone jack and no adapter in the box.
    2. Charging cable has USB-C on both ends so I can't connect the phone with my 5 yearold laptop and most of other laptops and computers.
    I really don't like the short charging cable tō.

  4. Also one negative of DeX is since it's your phone if you rely on DeX as your only computer you will be plugging and unplugging it A LOT which may get annoying and/or break the jack over time.

  5. If you are not tied to the Apple ecosystem or Windows ecosystem requiring things specific to those and/or needing multiple monitors DeX can be THE computer system for most people. Problem is most people don't know about it.

  6. can you or someone please tell me how do I get the split screen on my note10+? I tried what I hared on some youtube videos so far but to no avail. basically they say press the recent key then choos split screen view for whatever app you select, then repeet the process to openn another app in a separate window. when I pressed the recent key however, all I got is a screen with few recently opened apps on. I pressed the advanced options button but the choices there were: app info, change aspect raceo, and lock app> I pressed change aspect raceo but all I got was a message saying "apps configured to run in full screen can not be changed. the apps I experimented with were set to auto. I verifyed that from the display menu under the item "choos which apps you want to run in ful screen".I even tried the more options menu, but there was nothing ther either about split screen view.
    please help if you can.
    thank you.

  7. Some cables will charge some will not some times one cable works and does not
    Android auto not working
    Camera when zoomed in is gritty and grainy compared to pixel 2
    Keep needing to sign in to Microsoft
    With 2 different network Sim cards niticing service is worse than before.
    Not a fan of the horizontal app drawer.
    Done like the power menu beside the settings icon
    Menu is too complex I went thru every option but still hidden ones everywhere.
    3d scann is bullshit
    Pen on OneNote jumps up after typing
    Battery on note 10 is not great compared to pro 20
    Always on display accidental touches
    Like the pull down from anywhere on the home screen
    EDGe notifications
    EDGe menu
    S pen love it
    Dual SIM
    Massive screen
    Haptic feedback

  8. honestly i wouldn't swap my note 9 for the 10's..that hole punch would drive me nuts while watching media.there are far too many compromises with the 10's in my opinion..once the newness wears off people will be more honest about this phone.. great that you pointed some of them out..

  9. Taking screenshots on S7 was okey with palm swipe, however I have used the Huawei P20 Pro a while now and the knuckles gestures are just BRILLIANT! A double tap with a knuckle takes a screenshot, it really cannot be any easier! To grab a part of the screen you draw a reactangle with you knuckle. It works amazingly good. Now returning to the Note10+ I am in fact feeling a loss of the knuckles feature. The Huwaei has grown on me, I loved the S7 but the P20 has filled its shoes well and I do not miss the S7. But now I have P20 and N10+ and I really struggle getting the N10+ do what I want. The S-pen screenshot is very good, but I still miss the knuckles…
    Samsung really needs to step up, otherwise Huawei will dominate over both Samsung and Apple…

  10. Another issue I found is when sending a text message. Typ in contact name and when I select it instead of accepting it and allowing me to send message right away. A pop up shows the contacts numbers and email and asks to select a contact user once offer set default. I select set default and everytime I text the same person I get the same issue it doesn't remember the default

  11. I found a software glitch. I have always had Samsung notes so I am very familiar with the functions. I DONT use a lock screen ( no pin/ no pattern/ no fingerprint). with the new Samsung Note 10+ you can do that but the issue is when registering your fingerprint to use Samsung Pay app it automatically uses the lock screen. If you go to lock screen settings to turn off lock screen it will prompt you to re register your fingerprint for other applications. which then locks your screen again. I notified Samsung and hope they can fix this bug.

  12. I'm a lefty and this new placement of the power button is a blessing. Screenshot is also not a problem for me. Since my Galaxy S8 days, I've been using the "screen capture" and "smart select" edge panels whenever I want to take screenshots. It's easier than the conventional button combination and palm gesture. Hope this helps.

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