Note 10 Official Registration is LIVE | Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Battery, Charging Speed LEAKED

Galaxy Note 10 Official Registration is LIVE! | Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Battery Size, Charging Speed LEAKED

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Galaxy Note 10 Official Registration is LIVE!

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32 thoughts on “Note 10 Official Registration is LIVE | Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Battery, Charging Speed LEAKED”

  1. I'm definitely pre-ordering the Galaxy Tab S6… don't care as much about the Note10 since I already got a Galaxy S10 5G. And the Galaxy S' design won me over the Note series even though I do miss the S Pen.
    I have the Tab S4 now that I love, but the Tab S6 looks so much better especially with the magnetic S Pen. I literally just lost my S Pen like a few days ago.

  2. Having problems with your link to register for note 10 unpacked event. Any suggestions, I definitely would like notifications on preorders for the note 10 plus.

  3. FUCK YAAAA OF COURSE gonna pre-order it, i have NOTE 8, this is the year for me …put it away $1500 for it since Spring …FUCKIN GET THE SHIT STARTED SOON SAMSUNG FUCK CANT WAIT .. GONNA GET NOTE 10 PLUS in 5G thats forsure the biggest ram an whole 9 yard ……BUT THIS YEAR gonna change the paste i always buy black after black color since i remember for a decade …i wanna change it up this time & GET that pearl white changing color one…looks fuckin awesome & unique!

  4. Do not pre order from Samsung.. go to your local best buy.. i never got my wire less ear buds.. Samsung gave me a ecertificate that didnt work.. im done with Samsung and went back to iOS because of this.. to top it off i had to wait forever to get my s10+..

  5. I will only pre order if they have good free gifts if not then I will keep note 9 till the first price drop and better gift come out. So what are the free gifts greggles?

  6. HELL NO!! There's no reason to upgrade from a Note 9…if that's the phone you're coming from. Just for a slightly larger screen? Slightly faster charging with the 25w…or even if you're willing to buy the 45w charger. Just for that reason? Not minding the selfie camera at the top-middle of the screen?? An EYESORE.

    What got me about the Note 10 designs was…with all the camera tech available Samsung STILL insisted on putting a visible camera on the screen…hole punch of capsule…WHY?? So MANY other more attractive options. Hide camera under a top bezel like on the Note 9 while almost eliminating the side and bottom bezels, pop-up camera, shark's fin camera, or the rotating camera found on the Samsung A80.

    As an owner of the Note 10's owners will have to look for wallpapers that hide that centre positioned camera. 😛 And when watching videos in landscape mode there's the hole on the left side. 😛

    Even if it had a 4k screen, larger 7.5" screen and the 45w charger included…I'd have avoided it because of that top-centre mounted camera. The Google Pixel 4 doesn't have an onscreen camera hole..The phone I'd be getting if I were in the market for one today. Or maybe still the Note 9….got mine on Black Friday Week for $0.00 w/ 2 year plan. Another reason why I'm not upg yet…maybe to the Note 11 in 2020 's Black Friday week..if the new tech/design is worth considering…

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