New Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE | Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Alternative!

Cellular smartwatches are few and far between. Your options revolve around Samsung’s Galaxy Watch or the Apple Watch Series 4 or 3. But what about 4G LTE watches on Google’s Wear OS platform? The last few launched in 2017, including the Huawei Watch 2 LTE and the failed Verizon Wear24, so it’s slim pickings for Wear OS lovers. Mobvoi, known for making ultra-affordable Wear OS smartwatches, is here to fill the gap with a 4G LTE version of its TicWatch Pro.

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18 thoughts on “New Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE | Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Alternative!”

  1. Just got this yesterday. I had to disable the mobvoi apps to get Google fit to recognize and sync to my phone. I also don't get all day heart rate updates so my heart points don't go up. Did you get the mobvoi apps to sync to Google fit?

  2. Looking for something, so can leave the phone at home on a run or certain situations. Is this crippled LTE? And is 1GB RAM and old processor enough? Do I need to visit WatchOS or Tizen?

  3. Does anyone know a tech channel that gives a proper tech review rather the typical sales features overview as we have here? Eg. Proper consideration of the CPU/RAM spec against performance.

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