NEW 2018 iPhones – RELEASE DATE, FEATURES & More!

iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE 2 2018 – Latest Leaks & Rumors!
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49 thoughts on “NEW 2018 iPhones – RELEASE DATE, FEATURES & More!”

  1. Pencil for the iPhoneX plus? No. A smaller stylus? Yes. But that would be copying the Note 9. This really looks bad for Apple that they’re the ones who are now copying Samsung. This really makes me think of trying out the Note 9 for the very first time.

  2. They might shock us with cheaper price for LCD model and everyone will want to buy it just to feel like a part of the apple ecosystem….low cost but will sell a lot…surely Apple will take over more than 60% of the smartphone demographic

  3. Jobs turneth in his grave… just wow this literally proves Apple isn't the apple we used to know and love. I feel Apple is lacking innovation and keeps "reinventing" other companies ideas which is disappointing. It makes me sad😑😑😑

  4. I think you should do your promotions and the end of your vids, I don't mind the subscribing and joining but ads after that is annoying…Subscribe…Video Content…Promotion.

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