My Life Size 3D Printed Head | Scandy Pro iPhone X 3D Scan Followup

A quick followup to my video on scanning your head for 3D Printing using an iphone X and Scandy Pro.

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25 thoughts on “My Life Size 3D Printed Head | Scandy Pro iPhone X 3D Scan Followup”

  1. i'm looking for flexible and food safe filament I can use for my CR-10. I have it in an enclosure so it should be able to print filaments with higher print temprature.
    do you know a filament I can use?

  2. I would try to make one with a Spandex face mask, that way your hair wouldn't be included in the scan. And you can scale your prints based on your head size and not the hair style you had at the time

  3. You can also now use this to thermaform PLA prints to your face shape without having to put hot objects on your face. I recently scanned my head with an Xbox one Kinect and am planning to print it soon
    Stay awesome uncle Jessy!

  4. WHEN YOU PRINT A HELMET YOU SHOULD USE THE HEAD MODEL AS YOUR SCAFFOLDING. this way you save filament, save time, and end up with 2 prints for the time/cost of one. similar to the way you print a hollow block in a helmet as scaffolding, you could take it a step further and print it as your head. itll take a little longer than just the hollow buck but at least after its all said and done its not waisted filament it can become a helmet mount or even a "life cast" that you can mold prognostics onto to do other types of cosplay. If you put registration marks on your head cast. you could sculpt ontop of it, scan that along with the registration marks and line up the original 3d model of your face with the new model of your sculpt and subtract your face from the sculpt and then print the sculpt. either as a solid or as a mold you could then pour. It would be really cool to make a mask of some sort thats flexible and fits your face perfectly.

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