MSI GL63 9SDk 1660 ti Review! 120Hz 89% Adobe RGB and COOL!

This is the Google Pixel 3a of gaming laptops. It’s got it where it counts!



Display ICC Color Profile

Yes i’m aware that many sites state “IPS-Level” Websites are wrong all the time, this is a TN panel.

I have nearly 600Gb worth a games installed on this and I played them all. Pretty…

39 thoughts on “MSI GL63 9SDk 1660 ti Review! 120Hz 89% Adobe RGB and COOL!”

  1. Hello, Could you tell us more about fan control in this unit? I have sensitive hearing, so noise Is a bit bigger problem for me than others. Dragon center have any option to set it to spin a bit slower?

  2. Hi , bob hope you having a good day
    I wanna ask you something have test the omen 2060 with any benchmarks and record the temp and clock speeds and ambient temperature
    Because i feel mine getting hot
    After 3 or 4 hours of gaming
    Cpu : 92 spikes up to 97
    Gpu stable : 85
    I hope i am not bothering you

  3. Still not sold on the screen, even though it's a good TN panel, it can't match the 144hz IPS ones in this price range when it comes to viewing angles and vividness right? Some versions of GL63 also got 144hz panels, is it IPS? Great review by the way.

  4. I think this is the MSI laptop about which I asked you for your opinion in your hp Omen 15 review
    Great Review and thanks because of you I came to know about the microcenter where I got this laptop at great price.

  5. why all these so called gaming laptops only go dual channel why not quad channel. And its like 15-20%% boost in fps whatever the fuck you playing. I dont get it. Why not just use desktop cpu with low tdp in a laptop casing

  6. I appreciate that you included the noise of the auto fan settings. I hope you can grab a measuring caliper to size up the thermal pad. I'm really looking forward to replace my work out stock pads 😄

  7. I will be buying a pc in december hopefully and im wondering what i really should get hp omen 15 rtx 2060 or helious 300. I’m leaning towards the omen 15 because it is 80 dollars more and i get a 2060 instead of 1660ti. Some people have told me that the omen has 60hz screen

  8. Great review bob. How does it compares to the omen 15 rtx 2060 that you reviewed last month? I was looking for the msi at micro center but it was out of stock and end up with the omen. A head to head would be nice! Cheers

  9. Hey Bob, can you turn up your final volume on your video production setup? You're a LOT quieter than all the other youtube videos, such that with the youtube volume and all the other in-line system volumes on my Dell 7577 at 100%, I have to move my head closer to the laptop to hear you.

    Thanks for the timely reviews etc!

  10. Bob, you made a comment that undervolting this laptop will not decrease temperatures rather it will increase the frequency of the CPU. I've watched your 8750h undervolt in video a few times and I kind of confused as to how that works. Perhaps could you make a video explaining more about how undervolting works and how to tell if it's going to decrease temperatures or not?

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