Mous iPhone Cases | The Story of Limitless – Using Airo Shock Protection

Introducing Limitless, by Mous. The stylish, slim protective iPhone case.
Watch as James & James take you on their journey on how the Mous Limitless iPhone case can survive many drops. What’s the best way to demonstrate this? Obviously, a 45 feet drop off a crane.
The Mous Limitless Phone Case has an Airo Shock protection which contains micro air pockets that absorb the impact. The cases available have been built with Walnut, Bamboo, White Marble, Black Marble, Kevlar, Matt Grey & Black…

31 thoughts on “Mous iPhone Cases | The Story of Limitless – Using Airo Shock Protection”

  1. Just wondering is the screen protective? I mean if a sharp stone like rocks hit the screen and not hitting the case. Is the screen going to crack or not? I may getting one soon.

  2. This case really works. I have one and when I got dropped off for my day camp my phone fell out of my pocket. The car then drove off and ran over my phone. I got soooo scared but when I checked my phone it was fine and no damage happened. Keep up the GREAT work.

  3. James, I agree that is quite scary. That is why you should be wearing proper PPE. In this case wearing a harness, with a 6 foot retractable, and be 100% tied off while in an Aerial Boom Lift would protect you. It is also a requirement of OSHA, but what is more important than rules is your safety.

  4. Fake as fuck, video always cuts when you retreive the phones after drop.
    Cheap ass cases to scam people of as much money as possible then dip when people realize it sucks.

  5. Silly. Does the location of the test matter? Isn't a hard surface pretty much the same whether you dangle from a helicopter and throw the phone at a marble statue or stand awkwardly in front of a brick subway wall and toss you phone at it? Stupid. Just show the lab tests where its dropped from 5'-10'-15' etc in a controlled environment instead of trying to look so edgy by showing different locations as if it matters.

  6. another example of innovation making our lives better. good work, mous, ill be buying one of these soon and i hope to see you continue to advance our device safety!

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