Memoji vs AR Emoji – iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+

Apple’s Animoji blows Samsung’s AR Emoji out of the water, and now they’ve just revealed Memoji for iPhone X on iOS 12. Let’s check out how the two compare.

iPhone X ►
Samsung Galaxy S9 ►
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ►

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34 thoughts on “Memoji vs AR Emoji – iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+”

  1. I personally hate the animojis and the memojis because they look to realistic for cartoon characters. However, the AR emojis look wierd in character, and too cartoonish in expression.

  2. Stop hating on Apple. Let’s just respect phones. If you make fun of people with certain phones (especially expensive ones), it makes them feel really bad. I even try to cover camera and buttons. But people are still like “haha brand X is better lol”

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