Luxury Android Leather! – Otterbox Strada Case – Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ – Review

25 thoughts on “Luxury Android Leather! – Otterbox Strada Case – Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ – Review”

  1. I like your review, I have a question, example, you have this Strada
    case and you carry the phone on the back pocket of your pants, the
    pressure of the pocket going to apply some contact point of the folding
    lid in the phone screen, this can eventually scratch the screen of the
    phone if you carry a credit card there.
    I tried multiple screen protectors and they sucks with the fingerprint
    reader of the s10plus, some works better to others but none perform as
    the naked screen. So im looking for a folding case for protect the
    screen without a screen protector but of course I dont want the case lid
    eventually damage the screen.
    Im going to appreciate your input.
    Thank you.

  2. The leather begins to fade after several months. The moulding around the finger sensor will make the back crack as its raised up a bit. Any kind of pressure will crack the back. I am speaking from experience

  3. I just received this Strada case from Amazon and I wouldn't say that the leather could be described as 'Luxury'. Mine didn't smell or feel leathery. The shell was also warped along the bottom edge, meaning that it bowed out and wasn't level with the front cover. It should have been genuine… it came from Amazon themselves, and the Otterbox packaging was more prestigious than the case! I'll give them another chance and try a replacement.

  4. Weak weak and weak review. How many cards can it hold? Does the cover clasp itself to the other side when using the phone? Demonstrate the edge screen working with case.

  5. What if the case is open and it falls on the screen.. is the rubber around the edges high enough to protect it? I had a normal wallet case for my phone and dropped it and the case was open and it busted.. ???????????

  6. I bought this case after watching this video. I love it. It feels great and looks great. Walmart for $57 I know I could have gotten it for less but I really wanted it. thanks for the review.

  7. It doesn't turn of the screen when you close the flap. Replaced mine with an original samsung led case. On top of that, it adds some very serious bulk to the device. During high temperatures ig can be difficult to get out of your pocket.

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