Long Exposure iPhone Photography with Camera+2

We use Camera+2 to do long exposure photography with the iPhone XS on two local waterfalls. Camera+2 is a great app that brings all the features from the first version into a new, easy to use app.

We did the long exposure photography in Amesbury, MA in the downtown area.

Camera+2 on the App Store (iPhone Only):

Gear Used:
— iPhone XS
— Tripod —
— MeFOTO Sidekick —

17 thoughts on “Long Exposure iPhone Photography with Camera+2”

  1. Great video. Camera+ has been my go-to for snapshots and fixing photos; Camera+2 is now my main shooter for more serious images. I hope to see your take on the Action mode.

  2. I've had Camera + for a long time but haven't used it much in the last couple years. I just caught another of your vids that showed me I've been able to do long exposures but never dug into how the app had been improved. DERP!
    Then I watched this and decided buying +2 was a no-brainer. Thanks much!

  3. Interesting video, looking forward to seeing what else you do with the camera+2 app. I would of liked to see how you edited the photo in snapseed.

  4. Nice video, very helpful.
    BTW, did it work well with iPhone 6? And what’s the difference with Camera+?

    Hopefully you can answer, still thinking wether I download it or not. Thanks before.

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