Living with the iPhone 11/11 Pro for 30 Days – REVIEW

Here’s my review for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve been lucky enough to use it for 30 days and here’s my in depth thoughts.

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47 thoughts on “Living with the iPhone 11/11 Pro for 30 Days – REVIEW”

  1. I think most of you will be totally fine with just the iPhone 11 over the 11 Pro/Pro Max butttt, if you're super into photography and this is your only device, the Pro could be worth it! Can't wait to see what the Pixel 4 has to offer since this is currently the best smartphone camera.. FOR NOW!

  2. I alway hear with iCloud , does anyone know how iCloud works it’s makes a back up of you phone and photos if you delete the original it also gets deleted on iCloud. It’s just there to back photos and your phone up from your old devices . It’s doesn’t free up space on your current phone

  3. Dreaming about myself buy the pro in my sleep lately but when I’m awake i need to remind myself that I’m still studying and how can i afford it . 😭 the 11 pro is the best phone for 2019✨

  4. Seeing the stove top camera during the “leaks”, I swore to skip this year’s iPhone or get last year’s model instead! Finding out about the midnight green changes everything. I now have the 11 Pro Max with no regrets so far. The camera is amazing.

  5. Every iPhone reviewer seems to talk endlessly about the phone compared to the last model, as if everyone already owns that one and is switches to a new phone every year. Am I the only one that waits a few years between phones? Or they talk about it compared to Android, as if people just jump back and forth every iteration. Are you all well versed in both ecosystems so this is no big deal?

  6. “Living with the iPhone for 1 week”
    “Living with the iPhone after 30 days”
    “Living with the iPhone after 60 days”
    “Living with the iPhone after 90 days”

    And you know it will still go on like this, same video, as long as it brings views

  7. I bought the 11 Pro and then exchanged it for the 11 (in black). I love the size of the 11; Pro being just a bit too small as I have large hands, the Max to heavy and big and wow $700 more in price. Mistake?

  8. 1:40 So the “Pro” moniker also equates to better design now? Demanding stuff like USB-C for a phone that’s called “Pro” makes some sense, but what’s design got to do with it?
    I swear anything Apple does stirs controversy, even when it’s unwarranted.

  9. You mentioned get the 64gb we do not need more storage because of iCloud. Can you elaborate on this more please? I am planning to switch over from android but was looking at the 256gb but if I can save some money I am all for it. Hope you respond

  10. I still haven’t decided if I want to upgrade my iPhone X to the iPhone 11 green or 11 Pro midnight green. Because I know iPhone 2020 will be lit 🔥 and I will probably end up getting that. Not sure if I should wait or not! The cameras and battery life are tempting me baaaad. Help!

  11. I love iPhone''s camera quality even though the last one I use was iPhone 6 plus but I think the cost is getting more ridiculous and out of reach. If the camera quality is the only reason you are buying an iphone, it seems way more sensible to buy an actual camera like a DSLR.Anyways that's just my opinion.

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