iSwitched To The iPhone 11: Unboxing & Full Review

Yeap, just for you guys, i have switched from Android to the iPhone 11 as my daily driver. So was it worth the switch?

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35 thoughts on “iSwitched To The iPhone 11: Unboxing & Full Review”

  1. I've been using both eco system for along time which is android n apple.. There are some advantage on both side of the eco system but day to day used actually i don't notice any different.. Enjoy switching to the apple eco system adam..

  2. Cant move on from amoled display from Samsung…i would consider switching to iOS either 11 pro or max…but still…need those sd card though…

  3. Hahaha. Good and honest review bro! Hmmmm…. Am soooo tempted to switch back to iPhone ….but you ahhhh….when you review like this ….I feel like the Note 10+ itself would be way better….. Or even the S10+ 😜

  4. Currently using the Samsung A50 and I feel it's a WAAAAAYYYYY better choice than the iPhone 11. A
    bigger screen with a higher resolution and its a super amoled screen. Has a 4000 mAh battery with a fast charger included (18W) and usb C. Triple cameras at the back. An in-display fingerprint sensor. A smaller notch. A HEADPHONE JACK!!!! And finally the best one…a free case included in the box whereas Apple's clear case costs RM170. SAMSUNG IS THE BEST!!!! Its all for RM 1200.

  5. Your whole review was biased bs. Definitely when you discussed the battery. It’s odd how every other reviewer (including small and android reviewers) have had excellent battery life. The small unnecessary digs at Apple… very unprofessional. I won’t be subscribing and I was disappointed with this review. I hope you can take your future Apple reviews more seriously instead of trying to appease your Android audience with poor critique.

  6. I think this is a fair review from a hardcore Android user… But for those who like iOS, I think the review would be far more positive.

    I really like my iPhone 11 Pro but I still tend to default to my Note 10+

  7. I'm Apple user since 2009, in all those years I had tons of iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and others and this year I'm thinking to change to Android smartphones, the prices that Apple is presenting in case of costs x benefits does not worth! In Spain the iPhone 11 is 759EUR, and with this money I can buy the Huawei P30 Pro, and in my opinion, this is a better idea… Congratulations for your English also, I suppose that you're Indian, if you're not my apologies, but, I work with a lot of Indians and sometimes is hard to understand what they're speaking… Keep doing this great job you're doing! Congrats!

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