Is the Realme X2 Pro a Redmi K20 Pro Killer? All You Need to Know!

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The Realme X2 Pro is here and with this phone Realme now have a full fledged flagship! So is this the Redmi K20 Pro killer Realme’s sorely needing all this while? Let’s first see what Realme’s offering with the Realme X2 Pro and the lower specced Realme X2 in today’s video.

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Realme X2 and X2 Pro both come with an AMOLED panel that…

37 thoughts on “Is the Realme X2 Pro a Redmi K20 Pro Killer? All You Need to Know!”

  1. Realme's software and after purchase service are the worst. My phone got bricked (stuck in bootloop) while updating the official software update in the {settings->software update) and even my bootloader wasn't unlocked.I hadn't rooted my phone just to avoid things like bricking. Sadly If had done that It would have been easy to repair my phone and flashing stock rom. So I took realme's Call me service and sent my phone to get its bootloader unlocked and stock rom flashed cause only realme can unlock the damn bootloader. Fast forward 12 days. they told me that my phone's motherboard is fried. Due to liquid damage. Which is weird coz my phone was able to boot into recovery mode with the touch working fine with all the options of install rom through wifi/sd card etc which I Couldn't use due to locked bootloader and I'm pretty damn sure the phone wasn't exposed to excessive moisture at any point. So today it has been 23 days since my phone was picked up and hasn't returned despite my request to return it without repair for which I had to pay the logistics charge. On top of all this they had to gall to threaten & demand logistic charges which I was required to pay MUST WITHIN 3 DayS otherwise they would keep my phone forever , the exact sentence was "Unless logistics charges are paid within 3 days of this email.this case will be closed and the device shall remain in our possession". Never buying A Realme smartphone even if they give it to me for free.

  2. யாரெல்லாம் redmi note 8 pro மொபைல் வாங்க வேண்டும் என்று பிளான் பண்றிங்க.?

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