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If your wondering is 32gb enough for an iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus your much better off going with the 128gb version if you can afford it. It is only 100 dollars more but worth getting in the long run.

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  1. im going to be getting the iphone 7 plus on monday and ive been thinking and I think im going to get the 32 gb I litterally only use youtube,messenger,netflix,instagram but I think ill get like 3 more apps that ive been wantint when I get my iphone 7 plus and I dont really take many videos or pics

  2. I have a 16gb Samsung galaxy tab 4 and the storage seems good I still have 4gb of storage left. I'm thinking of switching to a iPhone 7 plus but I wanted 64gb but they don't have it in 7/7 plus so I'm going to get a 128 gb one it's better to have more than less, plus I'm going to need that phone 3 year and I have snapchat,, sandbox coloring,, and etc…. so I recommend 128gb or 64gb if u have it.. if your going to have the device for 5 years or more I recommend 256gb but I depends how much storage u need so ya I guess 128gb is good for me… hope I helped and please don't hate

  3. I thought it would be enough…but sadly it isn't. I often find myself juggling music downloads, movie downloads, apps and photos. So I have upgraded to the 128GB. So much better.

  4. Hey I got 32gb and i have 5 games and 3 videos 1080p mostly 3 minutes and 45 photos in 1080p and 70 songs on iMusic and i have 20.4gb left lol also all social media apps.snap, Facebook Messenger YouTube. I also deleted useless apps that come with the iPhone like GarageBand and more.

  5. i ordered 32 gb model too but its my first time i use iphone mobile … before that i had s6 witch have the same storage … but that phone was enough for me … pictures and videos are always get so much storage… and its better to have back up from them … and remove most of them from mobile specially movies …

  6. I only download:
    1) Snapchat
    2) Instagram
    3) Spotify (i'll download like 100 songs)
    4) Garmin Connect (for my watch)
    5) Google Photos (i don't keep any photos on my phone, they're all in the cloud)

    I literally only use like 5 gb…

  7. I have about 100 photos, 28 apps and 1300 songs in my iphone 7 plus 32gb and still have 8 gb left. Yeah i would get the 128 gb if you have a chance. I didn't cos these phones sell out so quick and they were almost out of stock. Overall i'm not a photo shooter or anything i use dropbox if i take photos. It's much better anyway. But overall than that i'm happy wIth my device.

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