1. 1. I really like the max and the color
    2. U should order one of those mini iphone xs and review it😂
    3. Ur setup is super nice, u put out good quality vids. I can see u are passionate about your channel and im subed with notifications on:)

  2. 1)I like big phones especially x max.
    2)i think you should buy a ipad or a apple watch.
    3)i like the quality and content of your videos.

    And i wish i will win i don't have a phone i'm just borrowing to my mother.

  3. I would prefer the iPhone XS Max and I love the gold coloring of it
    I also like the XS Max because it’s bigger (also I would love to have a new phone for the up coming school year)
    For your next video you should do a cheapest thing you can buy on wish

  4. 1. I would like the iphone xs max gold, because i personally would prefer big phones over small ones
    2. I think you should order a series 3 apple watch!! it would actually be really cool to see
    3. i like your channel because you put out very good content! love your videos
    4. i don't think you have anything to work on! your seriously on the right track!!

    i hope i win! but if i don't i will still be a subscriber❤️

  5. 1. I would like the IPhone XS because I think the iPhone XS Max is to big. Also I like it because it has an amazing camera and I would like to start doing photography
    2. I think you should buy fake Airpods on wish and test them out.
    3. I really like your videos as they are super entertaining. You should maybe work on speaking more clearly and try not to rush. 👍😁

  6. 1. I would love to have the xs Max for my autistic cousin bc she has always wished for one .
    2.I think u should do a comparison of Samsung phones and iphones.
    3. You did a great job with displaying and showing the phones and I loved it when u took the screen protectors off that was really satisfying thank you for that.

  7. I don’t know if the giveaway is still going on,but I would love to win this phone since the one I have now is old and glitching. The phone seems super cool so It would be cool to have a new phone for school. Good luck to everyone!

  8. 1. I do like both colors & while I like the idea of a bigger phone, the sliver/white is gorgeous!
    2. I do not go on the wish app personally so I do not know what would be under $10 electronic wise but I do know that there is a company that I believe is based in China that makes iPhone looking phones that even operate like an iPhone but are at a way cheaper price. A YouTuber by the name Unbox Therapy recently mentioned it in a video of his if you would like to check it out.
    3. I think your set up is pretty well done. It’s nice that you did the view that you did when unboxing. Personally, I like to see if the phones have any differences when they are turned on as far as performance & screen. So maybe try doing that if you don’t do that on other videos 😊

  9. I would love to win a phone because I love your videos I like the bigger phone but the smaller one is good too they are both amazing phones you should do a fake apple product vs a real apple product I love the video you don’t need to improve on anything

  10. Nice vid
    I would like the iPhone 10s (white) and I'd would like to get one before I go on vacation I think it would be useful. Looks like a nice phone not to big and a good color. Also your videos are good quality, the lighting, the unboxing and the effort is just amazing. You should have atleast have a million subscriber by now.

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