iPhone XS & XS Max Released – Everything you need to know!

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max have been released today! There are a bunch of new features and changes so here is an everything you need to know on the all new iPhone XS & XS Max!

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25 thoughts on “iPhone XS & XS Max Released – Everything you need to know!”

  1. Please ask Apple to release a real double SIM iPhone X’s in Europe too, not only in China. The ‘double SIM’ within one real SIM and the eSIM is a joke for those who travel and those who live in countries where eSIM is not supported by all carriers…. thank you

  2. I literally just got the 8 plus in May. I know for fact I don’t want the smaller phone but does anyone think I should wait to buy a new phone next September or upgrade to the Maxx. This Max is dope af.

  3. there’s a lot of people didn’t like the new names of the new iPhones, it’s hard to pronounce !!!!
    In my opinion the old names make the iphone more special than the other phones

  4. iPhone XS Max does sound a bit like something Google would call their plus-sized Pixel. I'm also disappointed that the price mark is the exact same as last year's iPhone X for the XS (I thought it would be a little bit cheaper at least). And can I just take this moment to thank you for your AWESOME coverage throughout this keynote season. Your content has been absolutely world class Nikias! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  5. I really want to know your opinion about the price of the iPhone XS Max. In Europe the iPhone XS Max cost around 1470$ for the 64GB and the 256GB 1669$. It's so expensive!😨

  6. Xs Max is not a good name ……..as for the Xs what they are basically saying is if you use your Xs 30 minutes before me with an X then were basically the same 🤦🏾‍♂️………. ALSO WHATS THIS THAT IM HEARING ….. " THEY ARE DISCONTINUING THE X " : why has it disappeared form the website ???? and what does this mean for the X users

  7. I can say the feature where you can change the amount of blur in the background is awesome! It worked great on our Galaxy Note8, S9+ and Note9!! Great that apple is taking ideas from Samsung.

  8. I like the new name for the large IPhone (Max). it sounds better than the Plus. Don’t worry Nikias you will get use to the new name. I wonder how long before Samsung copy’s the new name Max?

  9. Personally I wouldn't buy because the Xs it's only a significant advancement from the iPhone X , but if you have an iPhone 7 or below you should buy the Xs, Xs Max , or even the Xr. The thing that made me mad the most was that the Xr doesn't have a OLED display which sucks when you are buying a 750$ phone.

  10. Change your banner you don’t make daily videos. Also it’s not pronounced “bo-gey” it’s “bo-kah”. Until you change these things you aren’t worth my sub. (Sorry if i’m a bit harsh i only critque because i care. Other than that you have a fine channel)

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