iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Review (on iPhone X) | One Week Later! | Raymond Strazdas

Apple’s new iPhone Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR will significantly increase your iPhone’s battery life. It includes built-in smart functions, the ability to wireless charge both your iPhone and the case and even works on the original iPhone X! So is the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case worth it?

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Black –
White –

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21 thoughts on “iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Review (on iPhone X) | One Week Later! | Raymond Strazdas”

  1. I also have an ipx but using a mophie. I want a bigger battery but I can’t bring myself to buy this case because it’s not meant for the x (alignment and all). I’m kinda ocd about buying stuff not meant for the device. I mean at 130$ you expect it to fit perfect. But i really need this case right now in my life.

  2. Yeah I love mine. I went with the white. It does collect lint, but NO greasy finger smudges. Anyway, I love this thing. Especially with the wireless charging.

  3. I own the case for my XR. Battery life is excellent. It does protect your phone when you drop it. However, it does get dirty. Any other material would likely raise the price tho :/

  4. I wish I had an IPhone X, too bad they are too expensive at about $1000 dollars or more in North America! That case looks really cool though! I enjoyed the video! Keep up the great work Ray

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