iPhone XS Revisited // Before the iPhone 11!

Review of the iPhone XS 11 Months Later! Apple’s high end iPhone.
How did the device hold up over the past year? Watch for the full review.

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33 thoughts on “iPhone XS Revisited // Before the iPhone 11!”

  1. 8 months and already battery issues.
    That's just typical Apple…
    Honestly, how can you ignore connectivity and battery issues on a $1000+ mobile device? Is this a joke? Consistency? Does it smoothly running out of battery before you come home from work? Its not 2010 anymore.

  2. Good video Matt. I am rocking an XR which previously used to feel very big In hand. Now after I got my oneplus 7 pro, suddenly XR'S size just feels perfect in hand and I am enjoying it quite a bit.

  3. Still rocking my iPhone XS Max and it still does everything I need. Still takes great photos. Still looks amazing display wise. Still got plenty of storage space (over 200GB of space left) and 94% battery capacity. Years worth of updates. No reason to update.

  4. I love my iPhone XS MAX great phone very smooth and I been using the beta iOS 13 so it’s been really good, I use to have an Android and it crashed, I honestly use to be an Apple hater till I got the iPhone XS Max then I wanted to get rid of the device since I was missing android, then I got the One plus 7 pro hated it didn’t run smoothly like the iPhone and the iPhone XS Max felt better to hold and camera was great.

  5. Had my iPhone XS since September 21st, 2018 and I absolutely love it. Got me a smart battery case too, been holding up well these past 11 months. I think I’ll skip this years models and wait until 2020 or until I see Apple have deals with the 2019 models

  6. I completly agree with you iphone xs video recording is still unbeaten the dynamic range, exposoure, colour it is amazing also it can do cinematic smooth video, still one year old phone, the iphone 11 gaining superior video recording,, cant wait for thatt…..

  7. watching YouTube sucked on my iPhone X tho.
    1080p somehow looks worse than an Android that has a 1080p screen and the notch is just hideous
    so happy with my OnePlus 7 pro now tho

  8. If Samsung Samsung improve their software and if they include a dynamic amoled whit a refresh rate of 120Hz whit no notch… I switch to Samsung from my Xr. Apple has many great point at my eyes( like many software fonctionnaly) but my xr batterie life is 98% after 9 months and it’s today only a one day phone( 8h to 00h30/ university ) shameful.

  9. I, for myself, could have bought an iPhone XR but the issue is that is HUGE and HEAVY. it gets so uncomfortable just like note and other big devices. I only hope that the rumour about iPhone SE 2 (something) is true. waiting for 10 sept to see what they finally bring with iPhone 11 and then will se what has to be done on this matter 🙂

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