iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Camera Comparison!

The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9! Which one do you prefer?!
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iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Speed Test:

In this video the cameras from best phones available on the market are put side by side! The iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9! will Apple of Samsung be the winner?!

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21 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Camera Comparison!”

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  2. I phone wins but both phones are awesome. Every phone has flaws like watch 2:27, in that photo flower is floating in xs max. I faced that challenge many time. Hope they fix this in future. But I am also fan of note 9.

  3. The problem with the audio recording is common with these types of videos. The problem is that you were behind the camera and talking in the way the iPhone mics work you were experiencing noise cancellation. The main camera to pick up audio would be the one located between the cameras on the back of the phone when you were taking video with the rear facing camera’s

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