iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement – Tutorial

This video shows you how to repair the broken iPhone XS Max Screen and its Ear Speaker.
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The iPhone XS Max display comes in at 6.5 inches, with a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels. Its screen is bigger than iPhone X’s. Much of what makes the iPhone XS Max feel extra special is the color and the screen…

24 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement – Tutorial”

  1. Just be ready for apple to not accept third party screens. It knows when peripherals are changed and will soon stop people from repairing phones themselves.

  2. but yet this video doesnt show you loosing your face ID. Because you have to desolder the old ear speaker and solder the new one on because of the sensors on the cable tied to the software in the phone.

  3. So annoying because I just cracked my front glass but the screen works fine. But I have to replace the whole damn thing just to get new glass. Oh, and you're charging the same exact price for the screen as Apple does – but Apple installs it for you. Not a great deal. Nice vid, though.

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