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  1. ❤️❤️This is so kind of you we all appreciate so much thank you so much I really want it because people at school are like I got a new iPhone ten and I'm like cool but I don't have one and I would like to not feel bad and yeah so I'm so excited to see who the winner so yeah and I have followed your rules too also we do not have enough money♥️♥️

  2. I did everything, i really wanna win this. Hope you pick me. I just want a phone so bad. Cuz i wanted a good phone since I'll be in my college first year now, for all my editing and stuffs. I really really hope to win. Thanks for the great video.

  3. i did all things and i really want to win this because things are really hard for my family right now because my mom is trying to save up money to buy us an apartment and we do not have the money to afford this and it would be a blessing if i won

  4. I tried everything to get an iphone x and I get bullied also I don't have much friends cause I have only 2😔But good luck to everyone! Hope you guys win☺(I don't have a phone and I don't want to get Samsung cause it is to old and I will get even more bullied)

  5. Plz I really really wanna win one I know a lot of people say this but I can't afford it and the phone that I have doesn't work that much but if u don't choose me it's fine I understand there are a lot of people who want to win it too for example my cousin and friend so that's my reason for why I want to win the phone oh and I did everything u said
    PS good job to anyone who won u must've had a really good reason

  6. I did everything, I want to win the IPhone giveaway because I have a Samsung galaxy on5 and it is very low on storage, the screen is cracked and it is very slow. Winning the IPhone would be really nice because my parents can't afford it so I have always had an android. I hope I win the IPhone giveaway and any color is fine with me.

  7. I really want to have an iphone since then and it will be helpful for my studies this coming august my old phone is slightly okay but a little bit unstable i dont know whats happening on my phone but sometimes I cant control it there are sometimes like somethings popping and if im typing the words will just go on like this qhhgtudbdhyhdvdusuvdbshydshsb on its own its like someones controlling it but idk maybe its the system and we don't have enough money to buy it and my parents says there are a lot more things to spend our money with so I joined here even if I am just new to your vlog I hope it doesn't matter and I can assure you that Im going to stay here and be part of your fam I hope I win this but even if I don't Im still thankful that there are kind people that shares their blessing in life God Bless you and more blessings to come!!

  8. I would love a new phone, I have had an iPhone 6 for the past 5 years and it’s now time for an upgrade, however I cannot afford it as the prices are really expensive, I’m going to start college soon so I’ll need a new phone to help me with my education for example research etc, thanks Xx🙏

  9. I wanna win because I really need a new phone I’m still stuck with the 5 and it’s all broken but if I win I would really like the black one. But it’s fine if I don’t win

  10. I did everything you said. I wan to win because I have wanted an i phone for so long and my family is not able to afford one. I have been asking for an iPhone for every birthday of mine for 3 years. It would mean a lot if I won. Good luck everybody.

    P.s.This is not a joke just to get it.

  11. I did everything you said and I need it because I’m going into a different school and I am doing film and I have to be camera man I also have my own YouTube channel where I film on my iPhone 6 and the cameras not that great you’re a amazing channel so ya I need this keep doing what your doing!

  12. Did all the rules however I had to download the app on my mom phone's as the phone I'm using now is my bestfriend's and it doesn't have any space but if you want proof you can ask. Anyways I want this phone as I'm going to school and don't have a proper phone and soon have to return my friend's one
    Ig: ah.lii.sha

  13. Let me me tell you why I wanna win, I’m just a boy in South Africa, Who loves iPhones and has always dreamt of getting an iPhone, I literally go to the Internet cafe and watch videos about iPhones, especially the X series, I would like an iPhone to help me with my photography and video taking since I’ve seen that the iPhone is the video camera, can you please help. , thank you If you accept!❤️ and I would like to win the iPhone XS Max.

  14. i did everything also i would love to win because my family is very low on money right now and my phone is super slow and on top of that i have scoliosis surgery coming up.

  15. I would like to win because I've never used an iphone and all my friends use it and they always tell me about it's amazing features and I can't afford it so please select me..

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