iPhone XS & Max Camera Field Test | Bokeh vs Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 8

In this hands on field test we take the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to play against its older brother the iPhone 8 and its arch nemesis the Galaxy S9 to let you know if it truely worth the upgrade.

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iPhone XS Max:
iPhone XS:…

5 thoughts on “iPhone XS & Max Camera Field Test | Bokeh vs Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 8”

  1. Thanks for you to pronounce "bokeh" correctly. It's a Japanese word meaning "blur". Apple guy pronounced incorrectly during the event 2 weeks ago. Now that's how everyone pronounces in US.

  2. Nice one love birds 💕✌️, you guys are the most awesome couple ever. In portrait mode the iPhone uses the 2x lens. Which makes sense as a portrait lens is usually 85mm to 150mm. It compresses the face and separates background better. You should see all the tiny Chinese females in Melbourne, they use phones like tablets here ☺️. Even I struggle to reach the tops dashboard now on the Tennis Macs

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