iPhone Xs Deal: $400 off + Unlimited Verizon LTE!

US Mobile is offering an amazing iPhone Xs and Xs Max deal! Get $400 of account credit using code “CHEAP400” at checkout –

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21 thoughts on “iPhone Xs Deal: $400 off + Unlimited Verizon LTE!”

  1. T-Mobile also has their $300 iPhone trade in program. I like their network much better than Verizon, so I preordered the XS max from them and traded in my iPhone 7 for $300. I have T-Mobile one plus In a promo plan so I have 2 lines for $110. It’s a better deal than if I got US mobiles unlimited, and T-Mobile is much faster in my area and the coverage is the same or better on T-Mobile.

  2. Thanks for the review. The throttle limits for unlimited are much lower than Verizon. 12 GB for the $35 plan. There is also a $4 service fee. Would you recommend the unlimited TextNow $39 plan for high data users? What is the cheapest plan available that is data only, other than FreedomPop? Tello's 200 MB for $7?

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