iPhone XS and XS Max Won't Charge?

iPhone XS and XS Max aren’t charging for some people. I see if I can duplicate the issue and talk about the WiFi and LTE connectivity issues that new iPhones are having as well. #chargegate

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26 thoughts on “iPhone XS and XS Max Won't Charge?”

  1. useless Video , what good is it to share the problem ? Everyone knows the problem , How do you solve it ? Volume up , volume down , power button sequence is useless when iphone has dark death screen does not recognize cable to wall socket or recognized by itunes . You are completely stuck

  2. My iphone X max did not charge overnight a few days after I downloaded the new 12 update, would not charge all day
    I did try what you saw on your video and it did help, and I notice if I reverse the cable on the charger and plug into my phone and it would not charge and then I turned the cable around and it charged. Hope this does not continue. jackie

  3. Can not text 1 minute video clips or upload to Instagram. Let’s start a class action law suit against apple. This is theft by deception. $1Trillion dollar company no excuse to sell us a phone that they know does not work – I have to air drop to my iPad to be able to text videos to my clients or upload to Instagram but my iPhone XS won’t send

  4. Have same issue going on my first xs. Apple finally gave me a new phone after going thu apples hoops for 3 weeks. Now after a month the new xs is doing the same thing after 3 flipping hours in the apple store it starts to charge. Infuriating! Apple told me if it happens again I will have to do a factory reset and load each individual app separately. I told they are starting to sound like Microsoft. Issue not resolved. I will update when I have definitive answer.

  5. Neither Will My 7Plus/X For Like A Year Now,Multiple Phones/Apple. It’s,But Only With Apples Cords ,Not My Apple Certified Cord,Just Posted A Quick Video With Pics,Nothing,I’m Having Corrosion With Only Apples Cords,(Phones Checked No Water Damage),Trying To Spread In Case Others Have Issues,Cause It Leads To Heating/Battery Problems,Apple Keeps Replacing (11 Phones Later),&Fail To Admit This Issue,This Is Since Last Year,So I Think There May Be Some Defects Along With Software

  6. When you unlocked the phone after it’s been plugged in, it starts charging. Does it continue charging after it goes to sleep? Also, didn’t Apple said something about a safety feature that when the iPhone has been idle for a certain amount of time is that it won’t respond to any lightning port connectivity til it’s unlocked? Not sure if that is somewhat connected to the charging issue.

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