iPhone XR – So far, so good! After 1 Week – The Weekly XR Update!

This is the FIRST of 52 weekly updates on the Apple iPhone XR. How has is been? Have a look! So far, so good!


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blu element – Chic


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blu element – Chic


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21 thoughts on “iPhone XR – So far, so good! After 1 Week – The Weekly XR Update!”

  1. Zak absolutely enjoyed I use Android but I love all devices and definitely tech geek.As matter fact I started reading post and am subbing but decided to catch up with all my favorites Tech YouTube Videos.Thanks so much and I know how much go into them.Thanks for sharing Deb 😉👍✌👊

  2. Battery life on my XR is insane! One day I got 7.5 hours of screen on time before plugging it in at the end of the day with 3% battery left!

    Also this last weekend I took my XR off the charger at 6:47am on Sunday and didn’t plug it back in until Monday night at 11:30pm and I still had 43% left! 😳 Granted it was light use but still, with light use this phone can do 2.5-3 days on a charge!

  3. Nice! Your videos are being very useful for me as I'm an Android user but planning to buy an XR to try.
    I also find myself many times trying to click the back button while using an Apple device. Lol

  4. ZAK-R Review…. I just switched from a LED panel to OLED. Im not going backwards for more money. LOL The R will be ok for most sheep. But not a Windows 10 phone and Android user. I left iphone after i gave my son my 5C years ago. SOOO happy to be out of IOS completely! Never looked back. Never will.
    Why the baby BLUE R?

  5. All system apps and most other apps support swipe-to-go-back, which is iOS's version of the back button which you use by swiping from the left side of the screen.

  6. I’m coming from a 6 Plus should I get the xr or the max? I went to look at the screen at Best Buy. Does it stretch when cover the entire 6.1 screen? When I was there it cut off heads of people at top of it. That concerned me but it wasn’t the YouTube app it was out in the safari and I looked up YouTube bc they didn’t have the YouTube app installed on that xr phone

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