iPhone X vs XS Camera Comparison – Is it really that much better??

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28 thoughts on “iPhone X vs XS Camera Comparison – Is it really that much better??”

  1. I think all reviewers are really biased. First of all, when you compare the dynamic range of the both, ON HDR ON THE X TOO. Auto hdr is basically like hdr off, Because it never turns on. You are basically comparing smart hdr to no hdr. it should be smart hdr to regular hdr. But apple is basically marketing even then, because everything is the same on the both, except the over exposing on the x. Surprise surprise!, that is fixed with hdr. XD

  2. To me it looks like the pixel size is smaller rendering more definition. As far as dynamic range goes, it looks like the lens could be stopped down and exposure time is lengthened, enhancing fuller/greater depth of field.. When dealing with a foreground shot, when the area of interest is the foreground, the things in the background become a distraction. In this instance or example, the lens is opened up and the shutter speed is fast, capturing the area of interest in the foreground and blaring out the background. The selfie mode looks like some sort of software filter to soften the image. All of this is my uneducated guess however. D. J.

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