iPhone X Unboxing and Delivery – Exciting!

This is a real November 3rd delivery of the iPhone X and iPhone X Unboxing. I waited up till 2:00am to pre-order and paid full price for an iPhone X 64gb Black.

Pre-order Video:

The actual unboxing starts at about 3 minutes and 46 seconds. I do a size comparison with the iPhone 7 shortly after that.

Make sure to subscribe! I’m going to do another review after a week of using the iPhone X.

So far after 24 hours of having the iPhone X…I love this thing….

20 thoughts on “iPhone X Unboxing and Delivery – Exciting!”

  1. I'm going on 70 yo and I've had my X for about three months. I don't know who was more excited to get their X, you or me, but I think there was a time for each of us when we acted like we were twelve again and waiting for our new bicycle to arrive.

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