iPhone X Review (as an Apple fan)

When it comes to expensive phones, this year feels like it’s been the year of the thousand dollar smart phones. And now Apple has thrown its hat into the ring with the iPhone X! So! How do I like it, and is it worth $1000?

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10 thoughts on “iPhone X Review (as an Apple fan)”

  1. Jesus…Note to self – STAY WITH A SMALL, NORMAL, HEADPHONE JACKED IPHONE! I like my touch ID, and facial recognition is just…no…

    Does the iPhone 8 have touch id? And a headphone jack? Cause soon enough, my SE (which is pretty epic, although not the fanciest, it actually fits in my hand) will die soon enough. If the 8 has touch id and a jack, i'm probably getting that as my next phone.

  2. Honestly, I was scrolling and was like who’s this tech reviewer reviewing this (im subscribe to others that review the X) and it was soo professional in the beginning that I didn’t even recognize it was you reviewing it until you face pop up XD

  3. That continued lack of headphone jack kills any interest in the new iPhone's for me. Call me stubborn, but I refuse to have to buy a Bluetooth headphone that I have to charge just so I can listen and charge at the same time, when I have a perfectly nice pair of wired headphones. It's also why I refuse to get a Pixel 2; why get rid of something that has proven standard for decades.

  4. Apple makes great phones, we have to admit that…. they are always flawless, complete products that are top of the line. However I dont believe that any phone is worth that much. Its 1000 dollars…. I can get a brand new laptop thats cheaper. Iphone X has the same price as a gaming PC, can it do everything a gaming PC can? No it can't. Its a good phone but itll need more than a OLED display and talking emojis to make me cough up. Im switching to Android….. because its what I can afford. If you want to an iPhone then by all means get one. I just think Steve Jobs would be sad today that his phones have become less about innovation and more of a status symbol than anything else. Great review Garret! Keep it up

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