iPhone X FiLMiC Pro 4k 60FPS Test: Nelson Farmers Market NZ

Ever since picking up an iPhone X I’ve been dying to see how FiLMiC Pro handles 60fps in 4k using the extreme bitrate. This test shoot was captured at the Nelson Farmers Market and shot completely handheld. I was really impressed with the improved dynamic range on the X too. Make sure you watch in 4k at 60fps!

Download FiLMiC Pro from the App Store or Google Play Store:

I’d never shot higher than 30fps before so was really blown away by the quality of the…

15 thoughts on “iPhone X FiLMiC Pro 4k 60FPS Test: Nelson Farmers Market NZ”

  1. impressive . i have a samsung s9 device but i dont want to buy this apk , bcs I guess this software can't shoot 4k 60 fps on my device . Also software is expensive for my country

  2. I wish the app would allow to shoot LOG at 60 fps. I only use high frame rates for slow motion and B roll, and I can’t really work with LUTs on the Natural profile. I realize that LOG at 60 fps is hard work for the CPU, and probably would create massive file sizes. Maybe a solution is to limit it to « burst » shooting of around 10-15 seconds.

  3. Can you help me? Using iPhone X. In the app I can't turn on flat or log profile when I'm using 60 fps. There is a sign "not available at frame rates higher than 30 fps". Is it true or I did something wrong?

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