iPhone X Camera vs 6s vs Samsung S7 vs Mirrorless G85 | COMPARISON

CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE?… Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE camera showdown, comparing the super-camera of the iPhone X against its older brother the 6s, its rival the Samsung S7 and the best value professional camera the Panasonic G85 to help you decide on if it’s really worth the huge price hike.

All videos were shot at their camera’s highest settings.
The audio on the iPhone X and iPhone 6s was boosted in post.

iPhone X
Back Camera – 4k 60fs
Front Camera – 1080p 30…

5 thoughts on “iPhone X Camera vs 6s vs Samsung S7 vs Mirrorless G85 | COMPARISON”

  1. Honestly, for online content creation, just about any camera these days is good enough. It's when you want to go beyond that where the "bigger" cameras come into play. For example, your smartphone footage might look great on a mobile device, but might look mediocre on a 60inch widescreen TV. The lower end cameras usually tend to fall apart when blown up on big screens.

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