iPhone X Camera Review for Videography | 4k 60fps Strobing Issues

In this video we take a look at the iPhone X’s video recording qualities. Recording at 4k 60fps I noticed that the camera suffers from strobing issues when recording indoors.

iPhone X:

Also when comparing the back camera to the iPhone 6s I couldn’t notice any difference in quality. The front camera has improved, but even though there’s now optical image stabilisation built in, the camera still suffers from stabilisation issues.

Overall, don’t…

3 thoughts on “iPhone X Camera Review for Videography | 4k 60fps Strobing Issues”

  1. My iPhone X. Indoor. Camera lights set up. Filming at 4K 24fps is getting a weird color shift every couple of minutes. I have it on a tripod in a controlled environment. Do you know why?

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