iPhone X – 5 Things I HATE

The new iPhone X is a great phone, but it has some problems. Here are 5 things I hate about the Apple iPhone X. Subscribe for new videos! –

29 thoughts on “iPhone X – 5 Things I HATE”

  1. 5 Things that I HATE about the iPhone X. Should I do a top 5 favorite things about the iPhone X? Hope you guys are enjoying the new videos, im going to work on posting a lot more tech videos again!

  2. “Stay tuned for that video”

    Little did he know… in all honesty tho this guy was my fav YouTube so long ago both this channel and his vlogs I watched a lot but he just moved on I guess.

  3. yo ty long time subscriber from when you were small, wya dude make videos make monay simple easy youtube job get rich come back , loved the vlogs too

  4. If everyone who hates their Iphone X, video rate their iPhone on Meritmeter, Apple will see the overall rating for the iPhone X, and it will improve the next iPhone.

  5. I just went back in my old likes and your iPod touch 4g give away video was the second video I ever liked, and I was subscribed way before that came out lol I was going to comment this there but for some reason comments were disabled

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