iPhone 8 Plus Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 Case Review!

iPhone 8 Plus Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 Case Review!

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The Ultra Hybrid 2 features reinforced camera protection and buttons but with the same clarity and protection as its first! Its hybrid makeup is perfect for clear-case enthusiasts that long to enjoy long-lasting clarity with all-around protection. The new and improved PC back is designed to leave…

44 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 Case Review!”

  1. I have this case and when i put it on it created a stain as if it were wet between the film and the cover (yes, i use a film in the back too). Someone knows how to make the stain desappear?

  2. Should I buy this case? Does it yellow? Does it look good on black iPhone 8? I always find myself taking of my case to use my phone without it and I’m afraid to drop it but it is just so beautiful so I would like to be able to see it at all times Also what is the best screen protector to have on an iPhone 8 (price does not matter)?

  3. Without going into extensive full details, compared Spigen Ultra Hybrid, Olixar ExoShield and Ringke Fusion, Olixar Crystal Clear Exoshield (edges not slippery) comes out on top.

  4. I love clear cases especially when u have an iPhone bcuz for me I only need a protection if only its ok without case but it has too bcuz u can see the beauty of the phone w/ the clear one

  5. People with this case; im super clumsy and always drop my phone 😬 i want to showcase the beautiful gold of my 8 plus though… does this case protect well? If not do you have any clear case suggestions??

  6. can someone just make the best clear iphone 8+ case 😭 all clear, little to no fingerprint magnet, thin (so it can be adaptable to wireless charging), long time for it to get yellow, and a lot of protection :)) btw this was a very great vid 👌🏽

  7. I have this case for my 8 and it has not became yellow AT ALL. I've had my case on since I got my phone. I've had my phone for 6 months, so this case is good. I also have the screen protectors and they're so good and easy to put on myself. I got 2 of them for $15 on Amazon

  8. Because of you video, I purchased this case and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. This case is so perfect for the iphone 8 plus and i have recommended it to my friends. Thanks for the review! 😃

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