iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 Plus: Clone Wars!

iPhone 7 Clone vs iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 Plus & 6s Plus Design Review! My iPhone 7 unboxing & review is coming, but will Apple’s rumored design changes for iPhone 7 be worth the upgrade? Watch my rumored design review of the iPhone 7 & Plus clones! โ–ถCheck out dbrand skins:

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41 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 Plus: Clone Wars!”

  1. I'll never stop buying iphone as long as the samsung phones don't last a year and then they become slow and hot even when i'm not using them

  2. The regular iPhone 7 (not the 7s) is the worst of the 3. The iPhone 7 leaves out the headphone jack and does not even have a better camera than the 6s. The 7 has a better battery life than the 6s, but that is about it. The iphone 7 is not a bad design (I would like one myself), but I just think there are better design choices apple could have made with the iPhone 7.

  3. Now that it HAS come out the design is pretty BUT i have an iPhone 6s Plus and half the things that apple said iPhone7 could do mine could do too!! And I have iOS10 so I mean not much of a difference

  4. What I think is that apple is purposely getting the "WTF, NO HEADPHONE JACK" bad publicity out of the way this year on an already "meh" update so that when they come hard with a big update next year, no one will be able to cite the headphone jack as a new gripe. Although that makes me confused on why such a big update would be an in between year. Maybe in 2017 they will jump straight to iPhone 8? or maybe something like iPhone X or iPhone 10 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone that year.

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