iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge Drop Test!

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Durability drop test between the new Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using a professional drop test machine.

Intro Music by The Beat Smiths:

Drop Test Music By The Passion HiFi



49 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge Drop Test!”

  1. Why would he put the s7 edge in 9th place? Of course the back is going to crack and not scuff. But the s7 edge shoudnt be in 9th place it still wins bc it survived all 50 drops.

  2. Ye apple won cause prob the people who make the apple phones are just ametures and they hire somebody to find dravite or something. Samsung they don't even need to work.

  3. My phone slid just now , i was so worried it looks fine but when i shake it i can hear something . But after i watch this , i can say i'm not that worried anymore . Thankfull i chose samsung than iphone !

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