iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SPEED TEST and Comparison

My iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Speed Test and Comparison. Other than the burning/exploding issues, the Note 7 is the best Samsung device of the year. Both devices have great designs but the A10 chip has been a stellar performer on benchmarks. Let me know which device you prefer!

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37 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SPEED TEST and Comparison”

  1. Bro shit ass review learn how to do a speed test first you must open way more websites and bigger games and then open up all the apps again without closing them and see which apps they kept open and how fast they open it

  2. iphone 7 plus is the best and my option as it's cool features like ios10.0.2 nice cameras for photography life has a bigger and brighter display with no physical home botton which is pretty cool stereo speakers improved storage wireless headsets etc packed with cool amazing features

  3. I don't know why, but your iPhone 7 Plus is extremely slow. Actually, I do know why. You're running 10.0.1 which had optimization issues. If you run this test on 10.0.2, the GeekBench 3 scores hit 3507 in single core and 6074 in multi core which blows the Note 7 out of the water. You should really make an edit to your video to properly show that.

    If you remake this video, I'm pretty positive the iPhone is going to beat the Note 7 in everything except the camera shortcut.

    Running this on both my Note 7 and 7 Plus, my 7 Plus is beating my Note nearly every time.

    You are also running applications that have different load methods. You should be testing applications that have the exact same boot up. Many of the applications have some additional splash screens on the Note 7.

  4. note 7 is best because iPhone 7 plus has not any games on app store and if the samsung has 10 mb game the iPhone will be have woo mb game and we can't share anything in it and if we share samsung to any another phone it works but if will send to the iPhone it doesn't work and there is written down there that is an all files so my choosei is to note 7 it's edges are killer I love note 7 too much

  5. I have got pre-order Note 7. But I must waiting for this phone.. I´m so angry.. But. I compared Iphone 7 plus and Note 7 and all the way is for me Note 7 winner. 🙂 all the way, So I must wait

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