iPhone 7 PLUS Unboxing + Review | Matte Black, Rose Gold & Gold!

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37 thoughts on “iPhone 7 PLUS Unboxing + Review | Matte Black, Rose Gold & Gold!”

  1. You don't usually listen to music on such a big phone? That's weird dude. So you use a different phone for music? Carry two around with you? Also you guys keep talking over each other and it makes it hard to watch this video.

  2. What if I did not drain the battery at first? But I used my phone for lesser than 10 percent and then begin to charge it, does it affect he battery life?

  3. Pro tips about the battery are almost all completely wrong. You can use the iPad charger for the iPhone it says on the Apple website that it's completely fine to do, letting lithium ion batteries completely die is really bad for them not good, and charging overnight makes no difference whatsoever as today's battery technology allows for the phones to stop receiving a charging once it reaches capacity. Stick to Clash nick lol

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