iPhone 7 Plus Rear Camera Repair & Replacement Guide – RepairsUniverse

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8 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Rear Camera Repair & Replacement Guide – RepairsUniverse”

  1. Awesome video, I was having issues with my rear camera. It was showing a black screen, flashlight did not work and camera would only work in 2x zoom. From what I read about on the internet was that either the phone gets dropped and damages the camera unit where if its damaged also causes the flashlight to stop working or that it could be a circuit board issue. I tried it with the camera replacement and the issue was fixed! This video makes it really simple to DIY. Thanks guys!!

  2. I broke my iphone 7 plus front lcd digitizer and i took it to get fixed and i cant swipe to connect to bluetooth or wifi now it wont turn on at all. (wifi and bluetooth) i took it back to the guy and his partner said its bended from the sides and that I need a whole new back housing replacement cause it has bands that were "broken" i dont know what to do

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