iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement-How To

Replacing the Battery in your iPhone 7 Plus is easy, and today we show you how to do it!
Get the Fix Kit for your repair here!

WARNING: Opening your iPhone 7 Plus may reduce the water resistance capabilities of the device.

Check out the full guide…

47 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement-How To”

  1. your video says replacement… it's missing the replace part where you go over installing a new battery with battery adhesive and screen adhesive… half the video is missing….

  2. What happened to the days when you could just, you know, swap the battery in about 3 seconds! I deserve to become a certified Apple technician if I can compete this! The only reason it’s this complicated is because Apple realised that the battery is just about the only consumable item in the phone and they could make even more money if they bolt half the phone over the top of it so most people pay to get it done when there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to just pop the back off and take the battery out!

  3. "An out-of-warranty battery replacement, normally $79 for an iPhone 6 or later model, will instead cost $29 through December 2018. The decision, announced on Apple's blog, is certainly a boon for owners of older phones — Macworld describes it as “like getting a new iPhone for $30.”
    Why the F would I go through all this shit to save 29$?…Even 79$ is cheap as shit.
    Stop being dumbasses and get your battery replaced professionally.

  4. am I wrong or they are missing to show that you MUST change the plastic trim otherwise you lose waterproofness? Or am I mistaken? Here only show part of the process similar to the iPhone 6 (really it took me 10 minutes never done it before) .

  5. Just unclip the batter clip?! I dont understand why its necessary to remove the whole screen and the lil engine! (and whoevers about to reply with 'static electricity traveling through the screws and brackets', spare me.)

  6. A company approaching 1 trillion in market value and the dumb f**ks can't even figure out how to make the battery easy to change. Apple and their engineers are a joke. Thanks for the guide.

  7. Useless video- half baked. So it’s not a video on how to fully replace the battery but only just to remove it- so what useful purpose does that serve. Wow – I feel empowered- now I know how to remove my battery- so I can walk around with a paperweight iphone with no battery.

  8. Ifixit one question, I'm looking to get the iPhone 7 plus battery kit I see in the description that it comes with display adhesive, how do i put the adhesive in? Is it a strip like the battery one or is it different ?

  9. Guys PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!! I've dropped my iPhone 7 plus and it opened between the back antenna lines and the other part. Now first of all the "glue" that makes the parts waterproof is gone , and second of all I dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  10. The last few steps arent necessary. You can just use your tweezers and grab the tabs for the battery adhesive. You only need to take it that far apart if your adhesive tears and you cant get the end of it anymore.

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