iPhone 7 Plus (256GB Jet Black) Unboxing!

26 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus (256GB Jet Black) Unboxing!”

  1. For anyone who hasn't known yet, Mike did post a description of why he hasn't posted anything. Wasn't able to find anything about it on his channel, but I'll repost what I know.

    For years of working with the tech community of Youtube, he hasn't had the most pleasant experiences with people among it. He didn't name any names, but this was one of the reasons why he eventually left his Youtube channel. Another reason was because of school. He was about to go to university and planned on studying marketing, which took up almost all his time. As for what Mike has been doing as of late, rest assured he's very happy with his current job. Youtube was a stepping stone for him, and I'm glad he's moved on. I'll miss his content but as long as he's doing well, then that's where I'm happy too.

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