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If your iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus screen wont rotate your going to want to

1. Check to make sure screen orientation lock is not on
2. You will also want to that you are not using the zoomed feature on your iphone
3. Try doing an ios update if…

25 thoughts on “Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Screen Wont Rotate Fix – Fliptroniks.com”

  1. After watching the video I checked everything and it was all correct so I turned my phone off and back on and it fixed itself! Soo yeah but thanks for the video

  2. My problem is that my phone rotates only one way but not the other and idk why it’s super annoying and has never done this before can anyone help me pleaseeeeee

  3. Nothing worked😭😭

    ( Okay so basically it actually does!!! All you have to do is check all of those things. Mine was because my screen was zoomed. So I turned it off and nothing changed and I got mad because I didn’t know what was wrong. So I powered my phone off to see if that would help and it did!!! All you have to do is power your phone off after doing all the other stuff. You’re welcome😂 )

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