iPhone 7 & Galaxy S7 Giveaway!

41 thoughts on “iPhone 7 & Galaxy S7 Giveaway!”

  1. The winners have been chosen at random. I am waiting for them to come forward. They have 3 days. If they don't I will draw again. Hang tight. Nothing is final until they come forward!

  2. Im a very big fan of yours and i love you so much. And i really hope you choose me because i have the grand prime and im sick of it, and im Most excited because i cant afford an iphone myself. Please i need the iphone 7 i beg you to choose me 😭😭❤️

  3. it'll be great if I get a phone or any smart watch, have to start with my YouTube carrier, but don't have that much bills now. Hope you could hook me up with something

  4. There is no chance to have one of that at all even i work very hard because too costly and i need to be practical to use money in our daily needs since that were just poor.. raffles and lucky draw s also im not so LUCKY.. anyway, CONGRATS TO ALL WHO GONNA WIN.. MERRY XMAS ERICAAND TO ALL OF YOU.. and yet happiness is not all about expensive things is all about HAPPY and SIMPLE LIFE WITH FAMILY GODBLESS..

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