iphone 7 boot loop fix || iphone 7 keeps restarting apple logo

31 thoughts on “iphone 7 boot loop fix || iphone 7 keeps restarting apple logo”

  1. This video saved my phone.. I hadn't backed up in a while.. I took my phone to 3 places and the "Genius" bar at apple.. all of them told me to restore and loose the data. I said nope… I came home and kept researching until I found this video.. It works now.!!! Thank you !

  2. thank you so much for your help! I thought my phone was broken and I was going to have to throw it away and I would have lost all the data as my backup hadn't been on. thank you so much!

  3. Bro i have the same problem on to phones. How is this possible? I disconnected the cam flex rebon and now its working but i need the front cam and everything. So when i replace the cam flex rebon it will be working perfectly?

  4. I replaced my screen, and the exact same is happening with the logo reboot until i unhook the camera ribbon. But my touch is still not working after doing your instructions when it gets to the login screen. I tried the unhook battery and display connector, then reseat them back. but still touch not working.

  5. my iphone 7 plus stuck at the logo for 5 hours lol i do the night time and wait until morning this video did not fix my iphone i try get into recovery mode and it goes to black screen nothing happen in computer

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