Apple iPhone 7 is performing incredibly well on iOS 13.1 Beta 2. The iPhone 7 shows in this video that in 2019 the performance is not far behind some of the latest iPhones like the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Apple will release iOS 13 to the world in just a couple of weeks and this video serves as a quick look at the performance you can expect from iPhone 7.

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 7 – APPLE IS NOT PLAYING!”

  1. iPhone 7 – APPLE IS NOT PLAYING! Apple is not messing around with the iOS 13 updates coming to older iPhones this fall, they are feeling much faster and this is good news for everyone with older iPhones, in this video I show you why Apple is not playing around when it comes to phones like the iPhone 7! Share your thoughts and experience on iOS 13 and enjoy the content πŸ™‚

  2. I`m still using iPhone 7 since it was first released and I bought it by myself … then I plan to upgrade to iPhone 8 but it seems to be the same as 7, then I have a new plan to iPhone XR or iPhone XS but I don't have enough savings because I'm still a student budget LOL. but fortunately my iPhone 7 is still working properly as it should. yeah iPhone 7 still rock ! ! !

  3. Nice device for sure. After one iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s and my last 256gb iPhone 7 I just recently upgraded for the 128gb samsung Galaxy s10 and I couldn't be more happy and satisfied with that choice!! Apple is becoming more and more a steeler…

  4. With the new battery saving feature, do you think its ok to turn back on all the features that people say drain the battery?(background app refresh, location services, etc)

  5. Nick I’m still rocking my 7+. Glad to know it’s not going be bricked by upgrading to iOS 13.1. Thanks for the tips and insights that lets us master our technology.

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